So one day you wake up and realize you aren’t doing anything with your life. You’re stuck, stagnant, bored. Now what? If you are like me, you quit your job. That’s a good start, right? Now it wasn’t a great job, not by any stretch of the imagination. It was just something to do, something to earn a few bucks, get out in the world, and talk to other people. It certainly wasn’t my life’s work. I went to college, I did, even finished it. But that was so many years ago. Instead of using that degree, I began my real life’s work, my family. Now that was a work of pride.

Fast forward too many years, and my family has been whittled down to just me and hubs. The kids are grown, having kids of their own, and no longer require much from us. And me, I’ve been battling that inertia. Just plugging along in a job not really suited for me. I just go day to day trying to be relevant, but not getting anywhere. Instead of trying to get to the top at work, I chose the opposite. Retire from there, and spend some time wandering around in my brain, trying to figure out what else to do with my life.

I’ve always been a bit of a wordsmith. Words fascinate me. I’ve been accused of eating the dictionary. I can talk for hours, in person, or online. It doesn’t matter where, just give me a platform because I have things to say. Whether the things I have to say are important doesn’t really matter. What matters is the saying, and that I intend to do. It’s only in retiring from my job that I have begun to look inside for inspiration. And one day it hit me. Robin, you like to write. So just do it. Write! Pour out your heart, put it down on paper, and maybe, just maybe, you can leave that inertia behind. It’s obvious to anyone that knows me that I have something to say. So let’s do it. Come along while I figure out “What now?”.


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