The Quiet of the Eve


The presents have all been opened. The refrigerator is full of leftovers. All the family traditions have been followed. And now we rest. It’s late on Christmas Eve, snow is softly falling, and it’s time to take stock. I can barely tell you what presents we received. Dinner was good, but what exactly did we eat? It doesn’t matter. All I know is that my children and grandchildren were here with us on this holiest of nights. That’s the heart of it all.

Our time with them is so precious, limited to weekend visits every few months. Snatches of time have to be grabbed between work and naps and other family obligations. So spending Christmas Eve with them nearby is all I want or need. There was a whole houseful of family here, so we didn’t have any deep talks. No private time was available. We just gathered near. And it was enough. We find that we spend most of time simply looking at them fondly. Isn’t that how Christmas Eve should be spent?

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