Mi Casa es Mi Casa

Home, there’s nothing else like it. Christmas is winding to a close, and all the visiting is over for now. Time to put on the slippers, grab a cup of tea, and snuggle down into my favorite chair. Ahhhh. Where else can you put on your sloppy pajamas without any hesitation? Where else can you really be yourself?
I know exactly which floor board squeaks in the hallway. I know what shelf holds my favorite tea. I know where I left the remote. And I know what I’ll see looking out the windows. So many small touches that add up to comfort and familiarity.
Travel can be so exciting. So why do we long to click our proverbial ruby slippers together to get back home? No matter how great the adventure, we still long for home. Don’t fight it. Enjoy the world, then settle back in at home with your favorite things around you, and wish you had never left.
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