Winter woes



I’m definitely not a fan of winter. Most of my dislike of winter is based on my love of gardening.The only real gardening to be done in the winter is the planning and dreaming for next year. It’s just not enough. In the past, I’ve substituted a little houseplant care for outdoor gardening. But then the houseplants are still around come summer, and get neglected once the outdoors calls.

Winters here are mostly cold and drab. We only get small amounts of snow, which promptly melts. So for most of the season, the views out my window are in shades of brown and gray. Is it any wonder that I dislike it?
So imagine my surprise when we had a snowstorm the other day, and I actually enjoyed it! What was that all about? It was just so pretty with the fat flakes softly falling around me. Just like that, the brown and gray was gone, and whitewashed. It was enough to let me enjoy the season formerly known as my arch nemesis, at least for awhile. But talk to me again the middle of January, when all hope of summer is gone.
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