A New Year Ahead


I’ve never been one to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. There have been times when I’ve made some changes in my life, but they never seem to coincide with January 1st. But this year, I have some things to work on. Let’s just not call them resolutions. How does personal goals sound? Better?

Even though I quit my job a week ago, I haven’t really made any big changes quite yet. All of the holiday hoopla has continued to keep me busy. So far, I can barely tell that I’ve been off work. But soon I’ll see the slow down of January. My retail job always slowed way down in January, but even without that, I’ll be able to tell the difference. It will be time to start my new life as a young retiree. Call me a housewife, or a homemaker, domestic engineer, or a domestic goddess as it says on my Facebook page. I know how to be a housewife, but I’m not sure how to be one without any children at home.

First on my agenda is fitness. I’ve let that fall by the wayside, like so many of us do. Honestly, it’s my number one priority. It will be a tough way to go, but I’ve done it before so I know I have it in me. To accompany the fitness of course, I must start eating better. I don’t really have a problem with healthy eating, just that little thing called a sweet addiction. Time to rein it in.

There are other more personal goals to work on, some too personal to share here. There are also many hobbies I enjoy. Time to tweak my inner self too. I need to be more productive, make better use of my time, and not fritter it away. I even intend to keep better tabs on my home and garden. There will be plans and schemes of all kinds to keep me on track in the new year, and from then on. If I am going to be retired, I can’t be sitting around watching Jeopardy and going out for the early bird special. It’s just not my style!

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