Garden dreams


Even though I’m enjoying the pretty snow this winter, it doesn’t mean that winter is my favorite. Oh no! My favorite season is gardening season. This morning I woke up and looked out at the snow and thought “I really miss my flowers!” Now I can see them any time I want by going through my photo folders, or by looking at my garden blog, Life in Robin’s Nest. But I’d much rather see them in person!

I want to see the blossom heads waving in the wind. I want to smell those incredible yellow roses that scent my whole yard. I want to run my hands over the soft green grass. I want to hear the goldfinches call while they swoop overhead. I want to taste the first fresh green pea pods right off the vine.

I have a ritual during garden season, the  daily garden tour. Time to wander around the yard, checking out any new blooms, seeing what needs to be done, maybe pulling a weed here and there, or deadheading the faded blooms. This tour is generally done with camera in hand, and will be used as fodder for the aforementioned garden blog. It’s really my garden journal more than anything. I can tell what flower bloomed at what time, just by looking at the photos.

But it’s winter, and the garden tours are a few months away yet. Winter is when you dream and plan for next years garden. The seed catalogs are piling up next to the easy chair. Time to pull them out and drool over the new varieties, check off the must haves, make a few lists, and maybe even sketch out some plans. The new garden will come alive this way, and it isn’t even born. I can’t wait.

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One Response to Garden dreams

  1. Joe Owens says:

    I know how you feel. I returned from a mission trip to Belize and everything there is lush, green and full of color. I love where I live, but I could see myself adapting to a home with full time flowers the full year so easily.

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