Do Something


It’s January. Time to take a deep breath, and put last year behind us. Think about the frantic pace of autumn in our country. They may as well call is HalloThanksMas! But it’s over for another year, and now we can slow it down a bit. Time to reflect on what parts we want to keep of that madness, and what parts we could do better next time. Must the children have homemade costumes? If the whole family comes for Thanksgiving dinner, couldn’t everyone bring a dish to pass? Do we have to wrap every present like Martha Stewart? Wouldn’t the presents be just as good stuffed into gift bags? Must we bake mountains of cookies? Maybe just a few of our favorites would be better. How about we keep the parts that are truly important, and just ditch the rest?

Let’s take stock. The ground is covered in white, so there is no gardening to be done. There is no huge holiday looming, so no frantic shopping in crowded stores. There is no endless procession of holiday gatherings. So let’s take care of the other parts of our lives. Maybe it’s time to do some much needed deep cleaning around the house. Maybe we should take time to spend time with a friend who needs a shoulder. Maybe we can dust off those hobbies we’ve neglected. Maybe the job needs a shot of enthusiasm and hard work. And just maybe we should spend time on ourselves, on fitness and good health.

Whatever it is that needs our touch, this is the time to take it on. Write it all down if you need to, but make those changes. Don’t look back on 2013 as yet another wasted year with nothing accomplished. It doesn’t even matter if the accomplishments are big or small, just that they matter to you. You want to learn to speak Spanish? Well, figure out how to make it happen. Do you want to grow the biggest tomatoes in town? Find out how. Just do something.

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