Big Shoulders


I’m a fairly small person, and technically, I don’t have big shoulders. But metaphorically? Well, maybe I do. Yesterday made me realize it was true. I suppose that it was mostly coincidence, but I had multiple friends in need at one time. And I hope that I was the friend indeed. There were hugs, and words, and notes, and reassurances given, do you think it was enough?

I’ve spoken before about my difficulty making friends, and that I finally found my friends to be many. And to be wanted and needed for your ability to comfort said friends? Awesome. Do they need a favor? Sure thing. Do they need a phone call to talk things over? Let’s chat. Do they need an uplifting email? Hope it helps. Do they need a break out of their busy life just to talk? I can do that. Like it says, I have big shoulders, at least when it comes to my friends. May it always be so.

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