The Usual Winter


Okay, there it is. There is my usual feeling about winter. The big fluffy snowstorms from last week are melting, and we are returning to the usual brown and gray type of winter. So that’s the difference. It isn’t so much the cold of winter you dislike as the colorless nature of it. Now I understand. No wonder I enjoyed the winter white coverup so much. Hiding underneath it is the usual drab winter that brings me down so much.

Well, I suppose I need to use my usual methods of distraction. In order to ensure my own safe passage through the winter doldrums, I have a few tricks. First off, a visit to the floral department of the nearest big box store. See the colorful primroses in pots? One of those may need to come home with me. Or should I take home a bunch of purple tulips? It doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s fresh and full of life.

Other tricks involve giving my houseplants some tender loving care, reading a garden magazine,  or going through the seed catalogs. But the best way to cure those winter blues is to visit the local conservatory. In there, it’s always summer. I usually save that visit as a last resort. Just when I think I can’t take winter another day, I take a day to explore. I’ve even been known to find a bench by the koi pond, and just sit there and dream.

Little by little, winter goes past. Before I know it, the crocus will be peeking up through the ground, and I’ll know I’ve made it through. Till then, the first stop is at the floral department. Let’s see, will it be tulips or daffodils?

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