Beach Dreams


It’s a very gloomy day here in the heartland, and summer seems very far away.  Those piles of dirty snow by the side of the road are never going to leave any warm thoughts in my memory bank. But that day I spent at the beach will stick with me for a long, long while.


You see, I was on a little mini vacation. I’d been trying to heal from knee surgery, and getting very discouraged because it was taking so long. I’d also been laid up in the house for weeks on end. I was able to get around on my own, but still pretty limpy. It was time to bust out of my confinement and heal my soul by the shores of Lake Michigan where I grew up. Oh yeah, I also had a new car to try out. All of that added up to Road Trip!


And at the end of that road trip was my hometown. No place on earth fills my soul like that quaint little spot. I’m sure many people have a similar little town they hold in their heart. Maybe it’s just the happy younger days it represents that makes us sentimental about our hometowns. But mine actually has a modern day identity that would appeal to strangers too. You see, it’s a charming little tourist type beach town.


The funny thing is, that when I visit the beach in my hometown, I hardly ever lie there sunbathing. I just go to stick my toes in the sand, climb the sand dunes, gather beach pebbles, walk along the shore and take lots of pictures. And isn’t it strange how many times I don’t even get to the beach till sunset? That’s no coincidence! Oh, did I mention the lighthouse? No? Well, that’s the best part.


Well, I feel better already just replaying those beach times through my mind. I think I can make it through this dreary winter day with my sanity intact. Just as long as I know that beachy little home town is still waiting for me, I know I’ll be okay.

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