Just Drive


Put me in a car, and I’ll drive where ever you want to go. Heck, I’ll drive even without a destination.  I guess I’ve always been a car babe, ever since I learned to drive in my dad’s Mustang so many years ago. And I’ve been a rock and roll girl ever since.

What is it about driving that we find so appealing? Is it the sound of the road going by? Is it the wind blowing in the open windows? Or is it just the feeling of freedom? With enough time and gas, we could go just about anywhere. I think that’s it. It’s the possibility for adventure. It’s the sight of something new around every passed mile. Our cars are what will take us there.

It’s a bit unusual to be attached to your car when you are a woman of a certain age. People don’t really expect it. They think perhaps I should be driving a sedate sedan, in shades of beige. Or maybe I should drive some environmentally responsible car, a hybrid, that gets great gas mileage. I don’t think so. Why would I drive a beige sedan when I can drive a sportier model? When the sound of my motor revving up still excites me every time I hear it?

So excuse me if I still love to drive after all these years. Some people will never understand the restless spirit you can appease with a few miles behind you. Just drive, anywhere.

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