I’ve come to the realization this week, that the behaviors that my husband and I follow are not quite the same as the rest of the world. Really? You mean you don’t have a plan like we do? No? Well, turns out what we call life, everyone else calls organized. Who knew? My friend said we deserve each other.

The funny thing is, those of us with organized lives are often thought of as nerds or dorks. So be it. I’ll wear the mantle of organization proudly, why the rest of you are over there fumbling through your lives. You see, I know just where to find those color coordinated items for my outfit. I have the required items ready to make that pot of soup for dinner. I can lay my hands on the receipt I need to make a return. If a friend drops by, I don’t have to scramble to make the house presentable. And I could even whip up a guest friendly meal from my pantry if it was required. It surely makes my life less stressful this way.

Now it certainly doesn’t mean that there are no hot spots in the house. I promise you that the laundry often sits on my dresser for days before it gets put away. My mail basket doesn’t get emptied nearly often enough. And it can take me month upon month to complete the ironing stacked up! Luckily those areas are fairly unusual.

What is more likely to happen in an organized household is The Great Shopping Trip. One of the local grocery stores has a promotion where you can get a discount on groceries by your continued purchases at their gas station. The discount gets as high as 20%, then it’s time to use it or lose it. We go through our supplies, make a long list, gather our coupons, and off we go. What a production! You should see us with our coupon wallet in hand, comparing prices, stocking up on items, and watching our savings add up. What fun!

Okay, I guess you are right. Perhaps we are dorks. Our idea of fun on a Friday night is a big outing to the grocery store. But I bet you didn’t save over a hundred dollars last time you took a big shopping trip. So there! I told you we wear the mantle proudly. Now excuse me, I have a weekly menu to plan.

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