Do you like to sing? Don’t bother to ask me that silly question, because everyone knows my answer. Heck yeah! I’ve always loved to sing. When I was four years old, the congregation of my grandfather’s church would send him a note during the service, asking if I would sing. Of course I was all too happy to oblige with my favorite tune, Must Be the Devil and His Old Suitcase. I continued to sing at church until my teens, when embarrassment set in and put a long term halt to my singing.

There were many times over the years when I wished that I had continued to sing, even though I was never quite sure what was keeping me from it. So I sang out in the car, or during church, or when ever else I just felt like singing. Like so many of us, I think car singing is my favorite. Don’t we all have our best voices on while driving?

Many years passed, and we moved away to a new town in a new state. Here was my chance to start fresh. The decision was made to join the choir at my new church just as soon as I settled in. I would put aside my fears, and just do it! Well, it’s been 8 years, and I’m now singing in three different groups. I told you I love to sing! It just plain makes me happy.

Last night we went with a group of friends to see a band play at a local pub. Their music was classic rock, a genre that most people in my generation know well. How can you not sing along? I could see the rest of the patrons sitting quietly at their tables, drinking and swaying along politely to the music. As for me and my table full of musician friends? Well, we sang along, and loudly. Isn’t that how classic rock should be enjoyed?

Next time the urge to sing comes along, just do it. It’s pure joy!

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