In Mourning for Snow Days


Don’t you wish we could still have snow days like we did when we were kids? Before you go to bed, you peer out the window, watching the snow come down, and begin to hope. “Please let there be a snow day, please!” Your boss would call you early the next day, and tell you to just stay home because the roads were too bad. Sweet! So you peek outside at the winter wonderland, then snuggle back into the covers for another few hours of sleep. Ahhhh.

Finally you get out of bed, turn on cartoons, and pour yourself a huge bowl of sugary cereal. Just when you’ve reached a sugar high, it’s time to put on your clothes and bundle up. Let’s go play in the snow. Now I know the neighbors might gawk at you at your age, but who cares. It’s an adult snow day! Flop yourself down in the driveway and make a snow angel first, then maybe twirl around catching the flakes on your tongue. Now what? Well, we have to build a snowman, right? And should we throw snowballs at the neighbors? Of course we should.

But what I really want to do is make a snow fort. They are perfect for hiding behind while throwing the aforementioned snowballs. No one will know who even threw it! And is there a hill near your house where you can sled? Do you even have a sled anymore?

Pretty soon you are starting to shake from the cold. Time for some hot chocolate, with lots of marshmallows. Maybe you can have a bowl of hot soup for lunch? Either way, it’s time to hunker down and get warm, while your snow clothes are spread all over the house to dry.

You say your boss didn’t call you this morning for a snow day? Too bad. It would have been awesome. Just drive carefully. And dream about the joys of those snow days gone by.

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