Time to Clean House


I’m having company in a few days. One of my childhood best friends is coming to stay for the weekend, and there is much to do in preparation. Am I crazy? Does anyone else clean like a mad woman when friends or family comes to stay? Seriously, do you think she will notice if there are a few brown leaves on my houseplants? What if my kitchen rugs were not freshly washed? Do I have to dust the baseboards? I know, I’m getting carried away. I look at it this way, if I didn’t have company, my house would never get the deep clean treatment.

Of course, after the cleaning, comes the fluffing. I’ll need fresh cookies, maybe homemade muffins, and certainly fresh flowers. I’ve been known to go out and buy fresh towels and pillows, but I think I’m all right this time. There are activities and meals to plan. Oh, and I need wine! Well, of course I have wine, but she’s a special guest, so I want to have a few of the best wines, just to please her.

Well, nothing’s getting done here while I’m on the computer, so I’d better get busy. Let’s see, I’ll need to wash the shower curtains, dust the top of the fridge, polish the silver, mop the garage….Nah, but I do need to clean that bathroom!

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