Is Winter Over Yet?


I’ve tried, I really have. I tried to get on board with the whole winter thing. After all, I live in the north. Winter is going to come every year whether I like it or not. But as this long, cold winter wears on, I find myself sighing heavily every time I read yet another chilly forecast. Isn’t it over yet?

I’m just one of those people who are always cold, so I spend my day shivering no matter what I do. I wear sweaters and slippers, but it just doesn’t help until I have a blanket on and the space heater pointed directly at me. Even my extra cups of hot tea are not always sufficient. It’s hopeless.

Soon winter will begin to give way to spring. I’ve already seen the shoots out in the garden, so I know it will happen. But by the end of February, I’ve begun to lose heart. It can’t come soon enough! I’ve already used up all my winter survival tricks. I’ve purchased fresh flowers. I’ve visited the local indoor conservatory garden. I’ve looked at other garden blogs from around the world. I’ve ordered my seeds, and planned this year’s garden. Still, I wait.

The only trick I haven’t tried yet is to visit a warm location, and that one will be tried out this weekend with a little mini vacation. Maybe, just maybe, it will be enough to get me through the rest of this winter.

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One Response to Is Winter Over Yet?

  1. LyannV says:

    I prefer cold weather to hot weather, but I do enjoy the warm days of spring. I agree that it’s frustrating to feel like it’s time for spring while winter seems to be dragging on and on and on. Snow is pretty, but it just causes too much of a muddy mess in the end. Cold and wet, yuck…one or the other please, but not both! As I write now, it’s early April and still more winter than spring where I live, although the blossoms on the trees are beginning to give me hope that winter is on its way “out” for good. I hope spring is making its way to you now and your garden is well under way! 🙂

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