Branching out…


I’ve always considered myself a little adventurous, but I think I was kidding myself. I love to travel, but for the most part, I stick with traveling the United States. Traveling my own country means I don’t have to learn a new language, or worry about the food, or where the next restroom will be found, things like that. It’s easy and safe, while still being out exploring. That’s adventurous, right? No?

So recently I had the opportunity to go on a business trip with my husband to Mexico. I was a little nervous, but because his boss is a native Mexican, he is familiar with the country. It was a very safe and picturesque part of the country we visited, and we had an incredible time. But it really got me thinking. I haven’t been adventurous at all!

This little vacation was so filled with wonder, that it made me yearn for more. I want to go more places, experience more, and see the world! Just one little trip made me realize what I was missing. So I’ll try not to be so nervous next time a trip opportunity arises. After all, who knows what the next adventure will be!

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