Spring Hope


Winter is winding down, finally. Only a few more weeks, and we will officially be in spring. Isn’t it about time? We even had a lovely little snowstorm this week, in March! That’s just not right. But a few days later, and the memories of that little snowstorm are almost gone. Can you hear my victory cheer? Oh, it will certainly get cold again. Heck, it will probably even snow again, at least a little. But on days like this, I know we’ve broken the back of winter.

Today it was pleasant enough to do the winter cleanup in the garden. In another few weeks, I’ll be out planting my spring vegetable crops. See, I’ve almost made it through winter with my sanity intact!

So did you get the impression that I’m not a fan of winter? That obvious, huh? To me, winter is something to be “gotten through”, nothing more. I’ve tried to appreciate the good parts, the slower pace, the pretty white snowfalls, etc. But by the end of winter, I’m over it. I’ve used every survival trick I can think of, and I’m ready to just be done with winter. I think I’ll finally get my wish! Today and tomorrow are both due to be warm and sunny. The first flowers are blooming. Spring is just a few weeks away, I’m almost there. Can I get an amen?

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One Response to Spring Hope

  1. LyannV says:

    A snowstorm in March – agreed, “just not right”…Amen!

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